Meet Our 2 Crüe


Michael Spairana, Jr

Mike has been part of the fire service for 50 years! He has been the Fire Chief for quite a few of those years. He is also the Vice President at Bowmanstown Vol. Fire Company.

One of his most unforgettable calls is one that we thankfully don’t deal with often. There was a motor vehicle accident with four people in the vehicle - two entrapped and two young deceased. The memory of that unfortunate call will never leave his memory.

When asked what advice he would give to young and new firefighters come up, he responded, “Training is paramount.” Chief Spairana says, “take all the training you can get and couple that with street smarts and you will be alright. Volunteers are a special breed that constantly have the residents in the town they serve always in their hearts.”


Michael Spairana, III

Mike Spairana has been involved in the fire service over 20 years. He has held many positions during his time such as being recognized as the youngest lieutenant to ever be an officer in the department to trustee to his most recent accomplishment - Assistant Chief.

Throughout all his years in the fire service, the call that comes to mind first is the dwelling fire in Parryville Borough where him and Mike K had a close call with just how unpredictable fire can be.


Brian Uhnak

Brian started in November 1997 in Fire received his EMT in June of 1998. He served with the Palmerton Ambulance from 1997-2005 and Lehighton BLS/ALS from 2000-2016. Brian’s voice may also be familiar to some of you as he is also a 911 Dispatcher since 2001. Brian is also a member of East Penn Search and Rescue and got his diving certificate in 2006.

He has held a few positions throughout his volunteer career thus far. He was the EMS Training Coordinator, Membership Secretary, Trustee of the fire company, and his most recent position - Captain

Brian’s most memorable call couldn’t be narrowed down to just one. Some that he remembers the best are the Country Junction fire in 2006, Christmas Day Snow Storm in 2002, the brutal winter of 2001 when there were several rescues needed on Route 248, and last but not least back in 2000 he used his muscles along with an old rescue tool during a heavy entrapment MVA in Bowmanstown.

Gary Guldner.jpg

Gary Guldner

Gary has 30 years experience in firefighting and being an EMT. He has roots here in Bowmanstown as his father was the late Ernie Guldner, a past Chief and his mom is Jean Guldner who is still active in our Fire Police.

Gary was a career fireman in Beaufort, South Carolina where he was the Lieutenant and Maintenance Officer. He was also the Lieutenant with WSI at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq.

The most memorable moment he has experienced thus far? He watched his youngest son, Matthew, graduate from the South Carolina Fire academy and begin his career with the Lady’s Island/St. Helena Fire Department.